Definitions for "Mousse"
Keywords:  gelatin, savory, beaten, airy, cream
A frozen dessert of a frothy texture, made of sweetened and flavored whipped cream, sometimes with the addition of egg yolks and gelatin. Mousse differs from ice cream in being beaten before -- not during -- the freezing process.
Any of a variety of foods whipped to a light texture; as, a salmon mousse.
A foam containing special chemicals, used for styling hair.
Mousse (沐絲 Mùsī or ムース Mūsu) is a fictional character in Rumiko Takahashi's anime and manga series Ranma ½.
Keywords:  foamy, sparingly, scalp, gel, palm
Foamy body-builder that's ideal for adding volume to fine, thin hair. Use sparingly. Apply to one palm and rub hands together. Then apply to the roots of the hair to help lift the strands up and away from the scalp.
apply a styling gel to; "she mousses her hair"
An emulsified mixture of water in oil. Mousse can range in color from dark brown to nearly red or tan, and typically has a thickened or pudding-like consistency compared with fresh oil. Incorporation of up to 75 percent water into the oil will cause the apparent volume of a given quantity of oil to increase by up to four times. See also emulsification.
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See Bead above.