Definitions for "Vacherin"
vash-RAN ] A dessert consisting of several crisp meringue rings stacked on top of each other and placed on a meringue or pastry base. Alternatively, the rings may be made with almond paste. This "container" may be filled with ice cream or creme chantilly and/or various fruits.
A seasonal cheese that is made in the winter months in France and Switzerland. Ripe after two to three months, the crust of this cheese encases a runny textured cheese that has a mild, sweet and creamy taste. It is so soft that, traditionally, it is eaten with a spoon. A vacherin is also a cold dessert made of a ring of meringue or almond paste filled with ice-cream, so-called because its shape and colour are similar to the cheese.
A crisp, sweet meringue shell used as a serving vessel for fruit and ice cream.