Definitions for "cheesecake"
Keywords:  crumb, ricotta, custard, crust, cream
A dense baked custard with a crumb crust.
Made from cream cheese, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese or sometimes Swiss or cheddar cheese, a cheesecake may or may not have a crust, which can be a light dusting of bread crumbs, a cookie crust or a pastry crust. The filling is made by mixing the cheese with eggs, sugar and whatever flavoring you are going to use—e.g., pumpkin. After baking, the cheesecake is chilled and topped with whipped cream, fruit or chocolate shavings.
Dessert made with a crust that is filled with a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, and other flavorings into a custard-like filling. It can be topped with a variety of ingredients such as fruit or chocolate.
A cheesecake is a sweet, cheese-based tart. Cheesecake is one of the most common tarts in the world and perhaps one of the oldest involving dairy other than milk. The first recorded mention of cheesecake was during the ancient Grecian Olympic games in the occidental world.
The Cheesecake project will evaluate the quality of Python packages posted to the PyPI repository hosted at the Cheese Shop . Each project will be given a "Cheesecake index": the higher the index, the higher the quality.
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