Definitions for "Latex"
A milky or colored juice in certain plants in cavities (called latex cells or latex tubes). It contains the peculiar principles of the plants, whether aromatic, bitter, or acid, and in many instances yields caoutchouc upon coagulation. The lattex of the India rubber plant produces the rubber of commerce on coagulation.
Any aqueous emulsion of finely divided rubber or plastic particles, especially such an emulsion used as a base for paint; as, a latex paint.
Natural rubber latex (NRL) has been used commercially for more than 100 years. Latex is derived from the milky sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree, found originally in tropical climates of South America and now grown in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is currently the primary source of most of the worlds' raw latex. Latex is everywhere. Thousands of consumer and healthcare products contain natural rubber latex. Latex gloves were first introduced for surgery in 1890. Latex due to its extreme usefulness and cost effectiveness has infiltrated into virtually every aspect of the health care arena. On the down side, allergic reactions to latex usage is not uncommon.. For more information, go to:
a set of resources which make using the TeX typesetting language easier and more productive
A set of macros for TeX that simplify the writing of documents. LaTeX2e is a newer version of LaTeX.
Normally written as LaTex or LaTEX, it is a macro package put on top of *TEX* that implements a form of descriptive markup system in which the user specifies the function of each piece of text (heading, paragraph, footing etc) but not it's printed appearance. The source code has been released to the public domain, and is available for the Amiga with many text files for the Amiga being supplied in LaTEX format.
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See Adhesive Self - Sealing.
An adhesive used to seal envelope flaps which sticks to itself. It is usually placed on flap and back of the envelope. When the two gum surfaces meet, it seals. No moisture is required.
A self-sealing adhesive that requires no moisture. Latex gum is applied to the seal flap and to the back flap where the seal flap touches when closed. When the two latex gummed surfaces are pressed together, a bond is formed, holding the seal flap to the body of the envelope.
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The rubbery plastic that is common in the manufacture of sex toys.
one of the less toxic plastics. Though usually it is considered relatively safe, clinical observation by medical doctors has shown that latex can cause adverse reactions in those who are sensitive to petro-chemical derivitives.
A form of PVC most similar to plastic. A material commonly used in the manufacture of sex toys.
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(kink) Pleasure from or a desire to use latex in sexual situations. Often times deal with latex clothes or fetish items such as dildos, spankers, restraints, chaps, hoods, condoms, etc. Typically associated with bondage or use of sex toys.
Material used to make fetish items like clothing.
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The white, milk-like fluid that seeps from open wounds.
a viscous fluid exuded from the cut surfaces of the leaves and stems of certain plants.
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The material covering the "play area" on a scratch ticket.
An often chef-preferred glove material subject to concerns of allergic reaction.
A compound, either natural or man-made, used to coat the back of carpet and to adhere carpet components to one another. Also material used to splice yarn.
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LEDataStream Links To Links locale look and feel
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Latex Penetration Loop Pile
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a type setting program