Definitions for "Saut"
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To cook briefly over high heat with a small amount of oil. Meats that are sautéed are usually dusted with flour to provide an even amount of browning.
Cook over medium-high heat in a small amount of fat, using a frequent tossing or turning motion. See also Deep-fry, Fry, Panbroil, Panfry.
to fry lightly until golden and tender in a small amount of hot fat on top of range, turning frequently. From the French word that means "to jump."
Any movement where feet leave the floor.
This is the French word for a jump. Sautés include: Petits sautés - these are small jumps where the feet don't change positions mid-air. Echappés sautés - (literally a ripping jump) these are jumps where the legs jump up together, but split apart mid-air and land in second position. Changements - these are sautés where the feet change position, i.e. front and back feet swap, whilst still very close together, mid air. Entrechats quatres - this is like a changement but involves a rapid beating of the feet, where the front leg moves to the back and then moves back to the front, creating a rapid, blurring effect of the feet mid-air.
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An assault.