Definitions for "Newburg"
Keywords:  sherry, lobster, yolks, cream, toast
A cream, butter and sherry sauce classically paired with shellfish.
An extraordinarily rich dish of chopped cooked shellfish (usually lobster, crab and shrimp) in an elegant sauce composed of butter, cream, egg yolks, sherry and seasonings. It`s usually served over buttered toast points. The sauce can be used with other foods, in which case the dish is usually given the appellation "newburg".
A rich sauce made from cream thickened with egg yolks. Flavored at one time with rum but now with sherry, it gives its name to what ever it sauces, usually lobster but occasionally shrimp, crab or vegetables served on toast. The 1958 Mary Margaret McBride Encyclopedia of Cooking notes that the recipe was a specialty at DelmonicoÂ's Restaurant in New York and originally named Lobster Wenburg for a friend and customer of the restaurant's owner, but renamed Newburg by the restaurateur after a dispute between the two.
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