Definitions for "Frittata"
An Italian omelette with a variety of fillings, eg potatoes, mushrooms, pumpkin, ham, cheese. Unlike a French omelette, the ingredients are mixed with the eggs rather than being folded inside them. The frittata is cut into wedges and eaten hot or cold. Similar to a Spanish omelette.
a round (not folded) Italian omelette in which other ingredients are mixed into the eggs, instead of being used as a filling as in a French omelette.
Italian omelet with diced vegetables and meats; cooked until bottom is set then inverted into another pan to cook the top
omlette, but denser than the whisked, French version; it is always served whole and round or cut into pieces. In Florence it is often made with spinach and used as a sandwich filling.
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a good way to use bits and pieces from the fridge, but it's not a kitchen sink