Definitions for "Conformity"
Compliance with the usages of the Established Church.
Process to assess the compliance of any transportation plan, program or project with air quality implementation plans. The conformity process is defined by the Clean Air Act.
The compliance of any transportation plan, program, or project with air quality implementation plans. The CAA defines the conformity process.
behaving in accordance with group expectations with little or no overt pressure to do so. 616
a change in behavior due to the real or imagined influence of other people
Going along with the popular beliefs, trends, and attitudes of the dominant society of the time.
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Satisfaction of the specified requirements
see Conformance. ISO/IEC Guide 2 uses the term conformity rather than conformance.
fulfillment of specified requirements. Note - this definition is valid for the purpose of quality standards. The term "conformity is defined differently in ISO/IEC Guide 2.
The altering of one's opinions or behavior to match those of others. go to glossary index
concurrence of opinion; "we are in accord with your proposal"
The process of maintaining or changing behaviour to comply with the norms established by a society, subculture, or other group.
principle of. The principle that buildings should be similar in design, construction and age to other buildings in the neighbor- hood to enhance appeal and value. contiguous. Adjacent; in actual contact; touching.
The act of going along with what other people think or do. Evidence suggests that there are two main reasons people conform: the desire to be right and the desire to be liked.
A principle of valuation, stating that a property is most likely to appreciate in value along with other, similar properties in the same neighborhood.
hardened conventionality
Correspondence in form, manner, or character; resemblance; agreement; congruity; -- followed by to, with, or between.
correspondence in form or appearance
Similarity in form or character; agreement. Action or behavior in correspondence with current customs or rules.
act of obeying or agreeing with some given standard or authority.
acting according to certain accepted standards
The greater the similarity and consistency of surrounding properties and their uses, the better the properties will hold their value.
The value of a property depends in part on its relationship to its surroundings. Value is created and sustained when the characteristics of a property conform to the demands of its market.