Definitions for "MTP"
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Mesures Techniques de Protection
Mesure Technique de Protection
Mass Transportation Program
SCO's Modem Transport Protocol.
Multimedia Transport Protocol
Connector (‘M'ultiple ‘T'erminations, ‘P'ush-pull latch) An MTP(tm) connector can house up to twelve and sometimes more optical fibers in a single, monolithic ferrule. The same style of monolithic ferrule provides a basis for other connectors, such as the MPO. The MT-style connectors save space by providing at least twelve potential connections with a single ferrule, replacing up to twelve single-fiber connectors. MTP(tm) connectors provide an intuitive push-pull latching mechanism for easy insertion. MTP is a trade mark of USConec.
Media Transfer Protocol
Medical Termination of Pregnancy
essage Transfer art MTP is part of SS7 protocol stack. It is divided into three levels. See below. Performance Technologies' SS7 Tutorial
An Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) term for the mechanism that ensures reliable functional signal message transmission. It corresponds to the first three layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model. See ISDN and OSI.
Market Transformation Programme. A Government programme that aims to bring forward products, systems and services which do less harm to the environment, using less energy, water and other resources. The MTP provides strategic support to a growing set of 'product' policies that aim to encourage resource efficiency through supply-chain measures such as reliable product information, raising minimum standards and encouraging best practice.
Mars Technology Program
Middle Therapeutic Program. The Middle Therapeutic Program provides services to students in grades 6-8 who have at least average intelligence who may have emotional or psychiatric problems, learning disabilities, or behavioral or attentional difficulties. See Middle School Programs.
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Extron's acronym for its' Mini Twisted Pair line of products.
Military Toxics Project (US campaigners against military pollution - DU page is here)
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Modern Transit Partnership
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Minutes To Post. How much time remains before a race begins.
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Major Trading Partner.