Definitions for "IAP"
Individual Action Plan
Incident Action Plan, used within ICS.
Incident Action Plan. The incident action plan contains objectives for the overall incident strategy and specific control actions for the next operational period of an incident.
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Inhibitors of Apoptosis Proteins IAPs such as livin inhibit the activity of certain caspases, such as caspase-3 and caspase-8. The first IAP to be identified was found in baculovirus. The inhibition of apoptosis by the viral IAP potentiated viral replication. Mammalian homologues contain 1 - 3 BIR domains (Baculovirus IAP repeats). Areas adjacent to BIR2 are essential for binding and inhibiting caspases. IAPs are inhibited by Smac/DIABLO.
Instituto Adventista Paranaense
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nterim orest ssessment rocess. The first of two major scientific assessments of the public forest estate. See CRA
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Independent Activities Period. MIT has a fairly unusual system, in that rather being quarterly or semesterly, it goes on a 4-1-4 schedule, which means our fall term ends in December, and our spring term does not begin til February. What do we do in January? That's IAP. You can do whatever you want. Despite the lack of any formal structure, there's a phenomenal number of activities going on, from short-term intensive classes offered by departments, to the other end of the spectrum with paper-airplane contests. It's the one time of the year where you can be at MIT with all of your friends and not be totally stressed about classes. Very nice. I hope it never goes away despite certain faculty initiatives to cancel it.
Independent Activity Period
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imagero reader insets Intermute ISO
Introductory Academic Program
Information Assurance Program
Illinois Art Project. The regional division of the Works Progress/Projects Administration (WPA)/Federal Art Project; a work relief program for artists sponsored by the federal government
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See Internet Access Provider.
Internet Access Provider. Provides access to the Internet for a monthly or yearly fee. Also known as an ISP (Internet Service Provider).
International AirPort
InterAcademy Panel on International Issues
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indoor air pollution
Industrial Assistance Program
Industrial-Alliance Pacific Life Insurance Company.
Canada: Abbreviation for: instrument approach procedure Fr: IAP