Definitions for "Contingency Plan"
a deliverable developed during the Detail Design Phase and the Conversion Preparation work segment. It defines alternative plans should serious problems occur during the Implementation Phase. It is often referred to as "Plan B."
See IT Service Continuity Plan.
is a process or work plan that is to be put into effect when the scheduled project plan cannot be completed. A contingency plan can be considered an emergency plan. It can and should contain many of the elements in your disaster recovery plan.
a good idea for the hundreds of Latinos who have joined Milwaukee's Catholic school system in recent years
a document prepared to help prepare for an oil spill or an event that could lead to an oil spill
an effort to avoid having your business disrupted when market or economic conditions change beyond what you're prepared to handle without major adjustments to your business
an entity's formal assessment of the sensitivity, vulnerabilities, and security of its programs and information it receives, manipulates, stores and/or transmits in the course of health care business practice