Definitions for "Disaster Recovery"
a plan of action used when a major disaster occurs (such as a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado), ensuring that critical computer systems can be available for use as quickly as possible.
Recovery after a disaster, such as a fire, earthquake, etc. that destroys or otherwise disables a system. Disaster recovery techniques typically involve restoring data to a second (recovery) system, then using the recovery system in place of the destroyed or disabled application system. See also recovery, backup, and recovery system
The process of restoring an operation after an interruption in service, including equipment repair/replacement, file recovery/restoration, and resumption of service to users.
The act or actions associated with returning to normal operations in the wake of a disaster.
A plan for keeping the payroll function operational after a shutdown of the system is caused by a natural or man-made disaster.
The pre-defined use of alternative network circuits to re-establish communications channels in the event that primary channels are disconnected or malfunctioning.