Definitions for "Non-conformity"
A failure to meet specified requirements of the HACCP system.
An observed situation where objective evidence indicates the non-fulfillment of a specified requirement of the ISM Code or the Company's SMS. This deviation or the identified lack of a plan or instruction for a key shipboard operation. Could endanger the safety of people, the ship its cargo and the environment. Non-Conformity – Major An identifiable deviation which poses a serious threat to personnel or ship safety or a serious risk to the environment and requires immediate corrective action; in addition, the lack of an effective and systematic implementation of a number of requirements of the ISM Code is also considered as a major non-conformity.
The non-fulfillment of a specified requirement. Any or all of the following: a) one or more EMS requirements have not been addressed; or b) one or more EMS requirements have not been implemented; or c) several nonconformities exist that, taken together, lead a reasonable auditor to conclude that one or more EMS requirements have not been addressed or implemented.
an angular unconformity in which the older beds are metamorphosed and deformed
This refers to a discrepancy which has a major effect on customer satisfaction and presents a definite risk of non-compliance with a service commitment of the HOTELcert® reference system.
an erosional surface that breaks the geological history