Definitions for "Irp"
Information Resources Planner - An organization unit or individual which plans the information systems technology environment and recommends the business areas and information systems needed by the University.
International Registration Plan
Individual Rehabilitation Plan
IRP stands for Initial Rediness Position (IRP). When we made the transistion from Herc (Concrete Soldiers) to PATRIOT(on the move always) we were introduced to the HAWK concept of IRP's. We would spend 30 days of HOT Status at the IRP (a hardened site); move to the field for 30 days of manuveur; and then into garrison for 30 days of maintenance and parade details. Typically we spent that time in the field too.
Indianapolis Raceway Park. Better known as Indy. The site of the U.S. Nationals on Labor Day weekend.
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The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) program is a coordinated effort of interested stakeholders to determine how best to meet the region's water supply reliability objectives.
CICS Inter-region program (DFHIRP). A CICS program used for communications between CICS regions and between CICS and non-CICS regions on the same operating system image.
A descendent of BGP that is being considered by ISO as the basis for an inter AD routing protocol standard.
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The International Roaming Platform behind GCS, where the SCCP and MAP signalling policing between the roaming partners is performed
Internal Review Procedure
International Review Panel (IDCP)
A fantastic grimace or contortion of the body.
Interest Reduction Payment. HUD provides an IRP for Section 236 projects equaling the difference between the cost of the actual interest rate on the mortgage and a 1% mortgage rate. The FY 2000 Appropriation Act allow flexibility in the use of IRPs as a way to preserve affordability, allowing the IRP to be retained, for example, even if the mortgage is refinanced, so long as the owner maintains affordability for 5 years beyond the original mortgage term.
Interest Rate Parity. The condition under which similar financial assets have the same interest rate when measured in the same currency.
interest rate parity. occurs when interest rates in different nations are the same once adjusted for exchange-rate changes
Installation Restoration Project
Installation Restoration Program
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initial rally point kill
independent research project
Institute for Research on Poverty
Institutional Removal Program
Infrastructure Renewal Program.
Information Retention Policy
Information Returns Processing
Industry Recommended Practice
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Making irps.