Definitions for "Til"
(Truth in Lending) - Contains the APR and other important loan related information.
Truth in Lending. A federally required disclosure to indicate to the borrower the APR and total costs over the life of the loan, prepayment penalties, late fees and charges, assumption, hazard insurance, and collateralization of the loan.
Truth in Lending. The name given to the federal statues and regulations (Regulation Z) which are designed primarily to insure that prospective Borrowers of credit received credit and cost information before concluding a loan transaction.
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Sesame seeds
Sesame seed
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(Tisra Til). cf. Nukta Sweda.
Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes. These immune cells are extracted from the tumor tissue, treated in laboratory, and reinjected into the cancer patient.
Terralink International Limited
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The checkout counter in a store.
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referring to the genus _Tilia_, the Linden tree ("tilioides")
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Apple Tech Info Library
technical information letter
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See Till.