Definitions for "CompuServe"
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An information retrieval service which operates primarily in a videotex-like mode but also allows for standardized time-sharing as well as bibliographic and numeric retrieval. See: videotex
One of the first, and for a long time the largest, commercial information service. CompuServe was bought by AOL in 1998, but continues as a distinct service. For more information on Compuserve and other online services, see Part V.
Commercial data service that offers countless information and discussion panels about an unlimited variety of subjects. A computer, a modem, and a telephone line are required.
another biggie, a bit more complex, Email is harder to use too. Approximately 3 million users - $3/hour [email protected]
Probably the best-known bulletin board system with over two million users. CompuServe was one of the earliest large systems not directly connected to the Internet to offer Internet mail access to its users. Recently, CompuServe has embraced the Internet by giving its users access to features like Usenet news.
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a member of the consortium