Definitions for "Cyber"
preface added to a word to indicate that the thing described involves information technologies, from the word cybernetics, devised by Norbert Wiener (originally the Greek word for a governor or steersman) to indictae the use of information in control systems; eg cyberculture, cyberfeminism, cyborg (cybernetic organism, a hybrid of human and machine)
It is a prefix used to describe a person, thing, or idea as part of the computer and information age.
Cyber is a prefix related to computer networks. For example, cyberpal refers to friends made over the Internet.
an extension of the club that was first formed in Malacca
Cyber, also referred to as cyber culture or cyberculture, is the name given to a subculture that has roots in multiple youth scenes including the goth and rave/clubbing scenes. Someone who identifies with the Cyber subculture can be referred to as a "cyber", although the term "cybergoth" is used to refer to the goth influenced end of the movement, i.e., those who would attend clubs such as Slimelight or The Wendy House, and "cyberkid" to refer to those who attend trance/hard dance clubs such as Gatecrasher. While fashion and an interest in electronic dance music are two areas that define the cyber subculture, cybers also tend to have a general interest in new and future technology, its influence on society, and other such cyberculture topics.
Cyber is a fictional character, a Marvel supervillain and enemy of Wolverine of the X-Men. He was created by Peter David and Sam Kieth and first seen in Marvel Comics Presents #85, September 1991 (though covered by a trenchcoat). He was first fully seen and named in Marvel Comics Presents #86, September 1991.
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slang for being online. Often refers to Cyber-sex.
Refer to type of play or relationship which is "online" or only through the use of internet. (Some people refer to the usage of phone as "online" too).
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short for cybersex