Definitions for "AIRPort"
A landing area regularly used by aircraft for receiving or discharging passengers or cargo.
an airfield equipped with control tower and hangers as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo
a designated location for aircraft to take off and land
An aerodrome provided with Customs amenities and used as a station on a commercial airway.
a certified aerodrome
a waiting ground, a station between, a non-place
Apple's marketing name for its 802.11b wireless networking technology.
Name for Apple's wireless networking technology products. Apple AirPort wireless technology uses the industry standard 802.11 and is compatible with all WiFi-certified wireless networking equipment. AirPort-equipped Macs can connect to the same wireless networks as Windows PCs in thousands of hotel rooms, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and airports. Also, a single Mac with an AirPort card can serve as a wireless access point for up to 50 PCs.
Apple's wireless (q.v.) technology which allows multiple computers to be networked together using radio frequencies (RF).
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a city gate, as well as being a national front door
a multipurpose fragment of townscape that is forever wanting to join forces with the real, older city
a resource, so you might want a description of a bunch of them, but I'm having trouble finding a context in which this is metadata, not data
Airport is a 1968 novel by Arthur Hailey about a Chicago airport and the personalities of the people who use, rely and suffer from its operation. This book was adapted into a major motion picture starring Burt Lancaster, George Kennedy, Dean Martin and Van Heflin, among others.
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a new idea on the table, but it's nowhere even
Airport is an episode of the show News Radio. Bill and Dave are stuck in an airport trying to get back to New York, while Lisa has problems being the temporary boss.
Advertising A variety of advertising displays are available at airports, ranging from wall-mounted dioramas (backlit wall posters) to freestanding islands or specially built exhibits.
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a much more pleasant gateway than DFE OR IAH
Any airport, such as municipal, national, international or military, that creates noise contours over other properties.
The area of Elko Municipal Airport, located in Elko County, Nevada.
an airport listed in the Federal Aviation Agency Alaska Airman's Guide and Chart Supplement
ALCOHOL$: use instead of liquor; may be used with ABUSE, STATISTICS, JUVENILE, etc.; for general stories only. ALCOHOL: specific cases of DUI, minor consumption, etc.
a recently upgraded former Egyptian Air Force base close to the Israeli border with three flights each week
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a funny place
a pretty big place, and you would think a few bombs would have been dropped in the hope of hitting something despite the poor visibility
a quarter-mile from the park, and a trail makes it convenient for anglers to fly in and fish for the day
AIRPort - AJAX Integrated Responses for Portals. A platform-, language- and browser-independent AJAX framework for creating interactive portals, in which different applications can communicate.
a defined area of earth or water destined totally or partially to the arrival, exit and movement in surface of airships
a permanent, not a continuing, nuisance because damage to residential property was complete once construction of a runway was completed, i
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a nasty necessity
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an expensive proposition
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a long way from the port so you lucked out getting one
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a smaller town
Administration Operations Development Department Significant Changes
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a similar example to above