Definitions for "Juvenile"
Young; youthful; as, a juvenile appearance.
Of or pertaining to youth; as, juvenile sports.
Characteristic of children; immature; childish; puerile; infantile; as, a juvenile temper tantrum.
An early phase of plant growth, usually characterized by non-flowering, vigorous increase in size, and often thorniness.
the growth phase of the leaves between the seedling and the intermediate
A phase in the sexual cycle of a plant characterized by differences in appearance from the adult and which lacks the ability to respond to flower-inducing stimuli.
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In a flat race this refers to a two-year-old; in jump racing it is a three-year-old who turns four in mid-season on January 1st.
develops in dogs less than 6 months old.
A two-year-old equine.
a person who has not reached his or her eighteenth birthday by the date of the alleged offense
Pyroclastic material derived directly from magma reaching the surface.
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Juvenile (ジュブナイル Jubunairu) is a Japanese movie made in 2000.
having never existed on the surface of the earth or in the atmosphere; coming fresh from the earth's interior. [AHDOS
The definition of a juvenile differs for Federal and Michigan law. Under Federal law a juvenile is a person who is under 18, and under Michigan law a juvenile is a person who is under 17.
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the period in an individual's life cycle that lasts from the eruption of the first to the eruption of the last permanent teeth.
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( see: children's books)