Definitions for "COLT"
The young of the equine genus or horse kind of animals; -- sometimes distinctively applied to the male, filly being the female. Cf. Foal.
A young, foolish fellow.
To horse; to get with young.
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To befool.
To frisk or frolic like a colt; to act licentiously or wantonly.
COLT is a project management and tracker written in Ruby on Rails. It integrates neatly with your current Subversion repository. COLT is currently under development.
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What your mare always gives you when you want a filly.
County of Lebanon Transit Authority
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Computer-On-Line-Tracking System: Merix's shop floor control system.
A short knotted rope formerly used as an instrument of punishment in the navy.
Computerized OTC traders assistance system that provides for trade entry and position monitoring, among other functions.
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a kind of revolver
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combat observation and laser team
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Cell On Light Truck
A mobile site on a vehicle placed at a location to fill in or increase coverage.
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a more general name