Definitions for "Kitten"
Keywords:  cat, rabbit, nine, young, premiership
To bring forth young, as a cat; to bring forth, as kittens.
a young cat of less than nine months of age.
A young cat, usually up to between 8 - 12 months of age. (9 months in UK, 8 months in USA)
Keywords:  rosebud, garden, kingdom, animal
a rosebud in the garden of animals
a rosebud in the garden of the animal kingdom
Keywords:  fun, pet, suitor, curious, laughter
a baby, and the better its care, its food, and its training, the more likely it is to turn into the healthy, happy, well-mannered animal you want your pet to be
a playful, curious, and intelligent pet, which will provide you with endless fun and laughter
If a women dreams of playing with a kitten it means she will find a suitor who wants fun rather then to concentrate on the more serious side of love. When a man dreams of kittens it is a warning he will be played with by the object of his affections.
Keywords:  bearcat, feistiness, sheba, vamp, dame
a very fine girl
bearcat, tomato, dame, doll, jane, vamp, sheba. When you get right down to it, in varying degrees of attractiveness, dangerousness and feistiness, it's a girl.
Kitten is an American porn star and glamour model of African American descent. She began working in the porn industry in 1996, and appeared in over 203 adult movies in genres including regular sex, anal sex, and lesbian sex and interracial. Her current husband is also an adult actor, Mark Davis.
A suborbital resuable vehicle taking three people, 1 pilot and two passengers, proposed by CFFC
a captivating, intoxicating individual