Definitions for "Weaning"
Keywords:  milk, mother, mammal, diet, young
the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal
Separating a young aninimal from its mother for feeding purposes.
2 basic strategies - do it early and slowly (tendency for primiparous mothers), or late and quickly (infants will scream a lot)
Keywords:  foal, dams, suckle, calves, offspring
A weaned foal.
The time of the year when foals are separated from their dams. Most farms wean at six months or earlier.
Separating calves from their dams so that the offspring can no longer suckle.
Keywords:  pigs, separarting, nursery, sow, female
The process of removing the pigs from the sow and moving them to the nursery.
The act of separarting the pigs and the female.
Gradual removal of mechanical ventilation, as patient's lung strength and vital capacity increases.
The process of eliminating a patient's dependence on assisted ventilation provided by a mechanical ventilator. It involves strengthening the patient's respiratory muscles so that they can perform the work required for breathing.