Definitions for "Weanling"
Keywords:  foal, mother, donkey, dam, birthday
A child or animal newly weaned; a wean.
A colt or filly weaved from its mother (usually 6 months to 1 year of age).
A foal that has been separated from its mother; usually 4–12 months of age.
Keywords:  alpaca, younger, old, year, nursing
A weaned alpaca, younger than one year
A weaned alpaca less than one year old.
A young alpaca that is no longer nursing. This usually refers to an alpaca under one year old.
Keywords:  calf
A weaned calf.
Keywords:  parrot, baby, eat, starting, own
a baby parrot that is in the process of weaning (just starting to eat on its own)
a. & n. from Wean, v.
Recently weaned.