Definitions for "Alpaca "
Keywords:  llama, fleece, paco, peruvian, silky
An animal of Peru (Lama paco), having long, fine, wooly hair, supposed by some to be a domesticated variety of the llama.
Wool of the alpaca.
A thin kind of cloth made of the wooly hair of the alpaca, often mixed with silk or with cotton.
Keywords:  alpacca, zinc, nickel, tin, alloy
German silver and nickel silver - both synonymous trade names of an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc.
This metal alloy is a substitute for silver.
Alpaca (also spelled alpacca) is an alloy consisting of mostly copper (roughly 60 percent), and approximately 20 percent nickel, about 20 percent zinc, and about 5 percent tin. This metal is a a silver substitute.
Alpaca is a multitasking operating system for Z-80 based arcade hardware. It has been designed to run on both Pac-Man and Pengo based arcade machines, but can easily be ported to other machines with similar architectures. It supports four concurrently running processes, task switching, simple inter-process messaging, semaphores, and a basic window-based graphical interface.
Keywords:  camelid, family, member
a member of the camelid family
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Alpaca is a programmable rich-text editor for authors using Mac OS X. It is built on, and programmable in, Common Lisp, and has a complete Common Lisp programming environment built into it.
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Fiber from goats raised in the Andes Mountains