Definitions for "Wolf Pack"
a group of submarines operating together in attacking enemy convoys
The term wolf pack refers to the mass-attack tactics against convoys used by U-boats of the Kriegsmarine during the Battle of the Atlantic and submarines of the United States Navy against Japanese shipping in the Pacific Ocean in World War II.
WolfPack is a program of the DARPA Advanced Technology Office tasked with developing technologies that would enable the United States to deny the enemy use of communications and radars throughout the battlespace. The networked system will be comprised of autonomous, ground-based monitors/jammers that are cooperatively linked to avoid disruption of friendly military and protected commercial radio communications and radars.
a group of wolves hunting together
a family group consisting of a pair of breeding adults and their young of a year old or more
a family group usually composed of a pair of adults and their offspring of perhaps the last two or three years
a fairly complex social structure and rules need to be put in place to eliminate or at least reduce stress and disagreements
a highly organized and complex social structure
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