Definitions for "Roundup "
the bringing together of a ranch's cattle for branding or to start a cattle drive.
Biologists surround and herd juvenile male fur seals close to the location where they haul out.
spring event in which cowboys gathered together the cattle herds, branded newborn calves, and castrated most of the new young males
Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue- tracking system with command-line, Web, and e- mail interfaces. It manages a number of issues and provides the ability to submit new issues, find and edit existing issues, and discuss issues with other participants.
a summary list; as in e.g. "a news roundup"
a group of experts who are available to comment on a specific, timely, ongoing or breaking news story
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Plan for major U. S.-British attack across the Channel in 1943.
Plan for a cross-Channel operation in 1943
Plan for major United States-British attack across the Channel in 1943
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See " School Night."
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an article that surveys or collects a number of similar things or examples along a similar theme