Definitions for "Big Game"
Keywords:  elk, deer, hunted, bison, goat
The larger species of animals that are hunted; e.g., deer, elk, bear, mountain sheep, mountain goats, bison, and in some areas, the wild turkey.
large animals that are hunted for sport
Species of wildlife such as deer and elk that are managed for hunting.
A large game of Paintball. Usually with 30 or more players on each team on a large field (or multiple fields). Big games usually have objectives and ... more
a (computer) game played in the (real) world
Big Game was the third album by the hard rock band White Lion. It was released on August 10, 1989 (see 1989 in music) by Atlantic Records, reaching #19 on The Billboard 200 album chart.
Keywords:  seduction, stalked, future, one
one who is stalked for future seduction.