Definitions for "Mink"
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A carnivorous mammal of the genus Mustela (foremrly Putorius), allied to the weasel. The European mink is Mustela lutreola. The common American mink (Mustela vison) varies from yellowish brown to black. Its fur is highly valued. Called also minx, nurik, and vison.
The fur of the mink{1}. Together with sable, it is one of the most expensive furs not taken from endangerd species. When the fur is taken from animals grown on a farm, it called ranch mink.
the expensive fur of a mink
Mink (電脳少女☆Mink Dennō Shōjo Mink) is a magical girl manga that was written by Megumi Tachikawa the creator of Saint Tail and Dream Saga, it was published by Kodansha and serialized in Nakayoshi magazine in 2000. It was republished translated into French by Soleil Productions (fr) as Cyber Idol Mink in 2003, and in English by Tokyopop in 2004.
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Mink ("Made In Korea") is a female Japanese pop singer. Her real name is Mi Kyung Lee (born 1984 in South Korea). Upon traveling to Japan in her early teens to continue her education, she was discovered after she submitted a demo to Avex Trax, one of Japan’s leading J-pop labels.
Mink is a fictional character who appeared in the Marvel Comics series Squadron Supreme, and appears to be based loosely on Catwoman . She is a former criminal, who became a part of Nighthawk's America Redeemers, who attempted to stop the Squadron from taking over the world.
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a larger species of ferret
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Facetted smoke-topaz body with reflective AB finish on about half the facets.
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American film director and graphic novel writer.