Definitions for "Facets"
(n) Repeating groups of polygons of similar topology, forming an approximate representation of a curved surface. Curved surfaces such as cylinders and spheres are subdivided into a series of faceted planar surfaces, which approximate the original surface. This transformation is often used so that curved surfaces can be rendered using algorithms that only support planar surfaces.
The flat-faced angles that are cut into a diamond in order to maximize it's fire and brilliance.
A facet is the ground area on the blade that creates the cutting edge. Also referred to as a "bevel." Grind facet - ground bevel placed on blade first using a coarse grit wheel at a relatively low angle in an effort to remove most of the stock prior to honing. Hone facet - a smaller ground bevel added after the grind facet at a somewhat higher angle to assure the minimum amount of stock removal and the best possible finish using a finer grit grinding wheel.
Same as Faceted: Angular, larger-grained snow with poor bonding created from large temperature gradients within the snowpack.
under certain conditions snow crystals grow facets (or plates) from water vapor rising in the snowpack faceted snow, or sugar snow, has very little cohesion and can make a snowpack unstable
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Facets is a web application framework that leverages a simple MVC architecture for the server side and a feature-packed Javascript component model for the client. The two pieces are designed to be seemlessly integrated for very dynamic AJAX-style apps.
TriZetto's industry-leading client-server system for managed healthcare payers. Facets managed-care administrative software is used by nearly one-third of all Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations.
"Facets" is an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the penultimate episode of the third season.
The FACETS project is an European Project funded by the European Union gathering scientists from different fields related to neuroscience (neurophysiology, computational neuroscience, neural hardware) aiming at advancing our knowledge on the computational properties of the brain. FACETS stands for "Fast Analog Computing with Emerging Transient States".
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The visual units that compose the compound eye.