Definitions for "Otter"
Any carnivorous animal of the genera Lutra, Enhydra, and related genera of the family Mustelidae. Several species are described. They have large, flattish heads, short ears, and webbed toes. They are aquatic, and feed on fish. The sea otter (Enhydra lutris) also eats clams, crabs, starfish, abalone, and other marine animals; they may come to the surface, and lying on their backs using the stomach as a table, may be seen cracking open the shell of its prey with a rock. The common otter of Europe is Lutra vulgaris; the North American otter (or American otter) is Lutra Canadensis, which inhabits marshes, streams and rivers; other species inhabit South America and Asia. The North American otter adult is about three to four feet long (including the tail) and weighs from 10 to 30 pounds; the sea otter is commonly four feet long and 45 pounds (female) or 60 pounds (male). Their fur is soft and valuable, and in the nineteenth century they were hunted extensively. The sea otter was hunted to near extinction by 1900, and is now protected. Fewer than 3,000 sea otters are believed to live along the central California coast.
the fur of an otter
freshwater carnivorous mammal having webbed and clawed feet and dark brown fur
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An instant re-double (while preserving ownership of the cube) by the player who just accepted a Raccoon.
The acceptance of a Raccoon and offering of another double at the same time while retaining possession of the cube. The otter is sometimes referred to as one of the 'furry rodents' involved in doubling.
An immediate re-double (while retaining ownership of the cube) by the player who just accepted a raccoon.
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a shy animal and as it is nocturnal is not often spotted, though the keen-eyed may spot the cigar shaped droppings (spraints) deposited at regular intervals on the river bank which serve as territory markers
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A corruption of Annotto.
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The Otter is a two man sailing dinghy with a glass fibre hull. Its rig consists of a main, a jib and a symmetric spinnaker. The hull dimensions are 3.82 m length and 1.47 m beam.
a work from exact blueprints, the majority of our replicas are sculptured by our master craftsmen, from select specially treated mahogany wood
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The DeHavilland Twin Otter, a very popular turbine jump ship carrying up to 23 jumpers.
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The larva of the ghost moth. It is very injurious to hop vines.
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Otter offers the gentle emotional healing that all people on the planet are in need of. It is available with many of the totem attributes. (Rose quartz.)
Office of the Tasmanian Energy Regulator Pair gain A pair-gain system is an electronic device that enables several subscribers to share a single physical telephone line. It has been extensively used in Australia for more than ten years, generally to enable additional standard telephone services to be provided quickly without the need to lay more copper. Phone lines subject to pair-gain systems are unable to be used for ADSL internet services because they are incapable of passing the high frequencies used by ADSL modems
Over The Transom Engineering Release P - R
Our Time to Enjoy Reading. A classroom time when children can read books of their own choosing, share their reading with others, and ask questions.
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a sign of protection and help