Definitions for "Healing"
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Tending to cure; soothing; mollifying; as, the healing art; a healing salve; healing words.
(the act of creating a free flowing energy so that all aspects of body, mind and spirit function in health)
One of the aspects of personal development that takes place as one moves along his/her spiritual path. See Activation Work, Clearing, Manifestation and Self-Empowerment.
Types of healing are Hands on, Absent, Prayer, Color, Sound. Healing is considered medicine for the soul. Healing of any kind means laying oneself open to the Divine Source of Love either by receiving or giving. This universal source is the very life we breathe, it is the energy that permeates every living thing. The practice of these types of healing has been used for centuries, even the ancient Egyptians recognized the importance of sound, some of the great pyramids are known to have amazing acoustics and it has been suggested that they may have been used for healing through the use of incantations.
Ones ability to heal naturally without the use of magical talents, herbal or medicinal properites. The healing skill is a good skill that vampires should aquire as their body naturally heals faster then mortals or other immortals.
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The natural process which occurs when vegetation repairs itself after being damaged. Recognizing the stages of healing is an important factor in aging sign.
the natural process by which the body repairs itself
The ability of a floor finish to be repaired after scratching, scuffing and marking.
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a hands-on guidebook with step-by-step
is accomplished by correct thinking according to Christian Science principles. A change in belief that effects physical symptoms. (SH p. 194:6)
The power of God to alleviate physical problems.
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The clearing of fear from some part of the human vessel.
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means to make whole.
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