many non-drug approaches are beneficial to headache sufferers and can help them achieve a pain-free lifestyle. Though these approaches are often non-invasive, they are not without side effects. Watch the cost factor as these therapies tend not to be covered by health plans.
includes treatment for conditions that have not been traditionally accepted by the medical field; i.e., massage, herbal remedies, healing touch, Reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathic, homeopathic, etc.
Attachment to traditional practices, suspicions about medical technology, and competing models of health lead some patients to reject or supplement mainstream medical therapies with other solutions. Where such therapies do no harm and may support the usually indicated course of treatment, they should arguably be accepted and perhaps encouraged by health-care professionals. See also: cultural sensitivity, demands for inappropriate care, homeopathy and palliative care. [See Case Studies related to Alternative Therapies