Definitions for "Holistic medicine"
a form of therapy aimed at treating the whole person, not just the part or parts in which symptoms occur.
the practice of holistic health, which holds that the human being is a fully coherent and integrated life-support system with built-in mechanisms of balance and control. Attempting to close existing gaps between the understanding of disease and its treatment, the holistic healer above all should keep in mind the welfare of the patient, his constantly changing state, not only in the visible signs of his illness but also in his state of mind, which must necessarily be an important factor in the success of the treatment. The ideas began with Hippocrates who insisted that it is natural for the human body to heal itself, and that this process can generally take place even without the intervention of a physician ( vis medicatrix naturae). He believed that the essential function of the physician was to avoid any treatment that might interfere with the healing process or that might do harm ( primum non nocere).
A treatment approach that considers the person as an integrated whole—body, mind and soul. Thus optimum health involves all three elements and their care.