Definitions for "Lifestyle"
the way a person or group lives including type of home, transportation, employment, recreation and use of free time (A person's lifestyle is influenced by the area in which he lives.)
The typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture.
Associates product with a particular style of living/way of doing things.
Hobbies, Interests and activities used by marketers to identify potential customers. Examples include: travel for business, spend time with grandchildren, casino gambling, gourmet cooking etc.
Activities, such as buying concert tickets, upgrading concert tickets, flying across country to attend concerts, buying high-speed internet access, faster computers, and more hard drives, spending an inordinate amount of time on the Internet reading and writing about Clay Aiken, and clacking in general, which make up much of the daily routine of a Broad, but in no way may be considered an obsession. Reference
a terrible thing to waste," and features the gang shot by famed Rolling Stone photographer Mark Seliger
a label describing common chosen interests, like the outdoors, athletics, veganism, or religion
A pattern of consciously chosen, observable behaviors that a person engages in on a consistent and regular basis.
Individual patterns of your typical life.
Lifestyle is a synthpop and New Wave band based in Boston, Massachusetts.
Refers to the initialization style or type. Examples include: factory, transient, pooled, threadsafe, etc.
In some theories, the lifestyle of the victim is seen as an important factor in the likelihood of a crime being committed against them. An example might be the number of times they go out per month or the people they hang around with.
This is an investment approach where money is switched from company shares to safer investments as you get nearer to retirement. [ Back to A to Z list
Attributes of particular neighborhood or Cluster. For example, if a significant number of people in a given area or cluster have taken a foreign vacation, it is assumed that all similar households have done the same.
A code name for an alternative sexual lifestyle, usually either swinging or BDSM.
Someone who has a 24/7 relationship or is active in the wider BDSM community is “in the lifestyle
A term to describe an individual's expression of life. Lifestyle furniture pieces tend to be casual in nature and simple in design.
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