Definitions for "Wave"
To play loosely; to move like a wave, one way and the other; to float; to flutter; to undulate.
To be moved to and fro as a signal.
To move one way and the other; to brandish.
A phenomenon that does not have mass and therefore does not occupy space. Waves travel through space.
a continuous phenomenon, which means that when it travels, its electromagnetic field must move at each of the infinite number of points in every small part of space
a function which describes a property of space, not the phenomenon itself
Water; a body of water.
A rise in flowing water in the shape of a pinnacle or hump, caused by the power and varying forces of the river as it accelerates or changes direction.
a hump in the river's flowing water
Wave was a Canadian pop/rock duo. The band members were Dave Thomson and Paul Gigliotti, who formed the band after graduating from high school in 1999. They were signed by Warner Music Canada and released their debut album, Nothing As It Seems.
Wave is a 1979 album by The Patti Smith Group.
Wave is a 1967 album (see 1967 in music) by Antonio Carlos Jobim.
An uncompressed digital audio data file format supporting a variety of bit resolutions, sample rates and audio channels and widely used in professional applications that process digital audio waveforms. This format is very popular on IBM PC (clone) platforms as it takes into account some peculiarities of the Intel CPU such as little endian byte order. The WAVE (or WAV) format is sort of a bastardized standard, unlike the AIFF standard which was mostly designed by a small, coordinated group, WAV has had all manner of much-too-independent, uncoordinated aberrations inflicted upon it. The net result is that there are far too many versions of the format. The WAV file itself consists of three “chunks” of information: The RIFF chunk which identifies the file as a WAV file, the FORMAT chunk which identifies parameters such as sample rate and the DATA chunk which contains the actual data (samples).
Det mest almindeligt brugte format til lydfiler på Windows systemer (.wav).
Microsoft file format supporting various speech encodings, typically PCM.
verb, "salutare con la mano; brandire, sventolare; ondeggiare"
arrants rrests iolations victions. Rochester PD Maple Section program to support neighborhood quality of life improvements. It functions by targeting "problem" properties and removing warrant suspects, enforcing property codes, and removing tenants who commit crimes (especially drug offenses) in rental properties.
WAVE, "WAVE3" is the NBC station in Louisville, Kentucky. It is owned by Raycom Media and broadcasts from its main studio in downtown Louisville. Its transmitter is located in La Grange, Kentucky at 38° 27' 23.00" N Latitude, 85° 25' 28.00" W Longitude.
To fluctuate; to waver; to be in an unsettled state; to vacillate.
A continuous fluctuation in the amplitude of a quantity with respect to time.
a perturbation with amplitude and phase
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A metaphor used by researchers to explain the different stages of HIV infection and cases of AIDS in the population.
A metaphor for daily market activity that goes against the weekly market tide.
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In meteorology, the intersection of warm and cold fronts.
Based on your age. It is the time you will start the swim. Age-groups are sent off at intervals to ease congestion in the water and on the bike course. The time is then subtracted from a racer's finishing time.
A color wave that much like the swimming fish squiggles across the sky.
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(Ger.) Welle (Span.) Ola (It.) Onda
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Sinuous moulding.
a group of Routes and Stops that are picked at the same time
Picking orders that are grouped together. Also referred to as "batched orders."
A specific shipment within a series of figures. Wave 1 is the first batch of figures sent out from the factory. Subsequent waves may have production changes, thereby creating variants.
The generic term for a patteren that repeats over time
a form of repetition, the cycle from trough to crest to trough gives us the sense of a repeating phenomena, a frequency by which something repeats
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To call attention to, or give a direction or command to, by a waving motion, as of the hand; to signify by waving; to beckon; to signal; to indicate.
the act of signaling by a movement of the hand
signal with the hands or nod; "She waved to her friends"; "He waved his hand hospitably"
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a curious thing
in tracking or ongoing research studies, each separate survey; also may refer to each period of advertising in a flighting pattern of media scheduling. See tracking and flighting.
a macro pattern (like consciousness) that is label for the cumulative action of each particle in its microcosm
a particle spread out
a coordinated sequence of actions taken by the audience members in which a group of spectators lying along a radial line extending outward
alter an image along a sine wave
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a very simple sounding backing track and badly misses the vocals, which were full of extra meaning and melody in themselves
See Sound Wave
A sound's effect on the air, created by changes in pressure as gas molecules push against each other in a chain reaction. If you could see sound it would appear as a sphere expanding outward in all directions from its source.
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Lily Pad (cf) where the glass is pulled further and curved to a wave shape (AGA p.54)
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twist or roll into coils or ringlets; "curl my hair, please"
a friendly gesture to indicate "hello" (just checking to see if you were still with us)
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a communicated agitation
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a fantastic song and production and a Beach Boys song you believe must have been a single, but in fact this never was
a nonmaterial essence which shapes the matter through which it passes
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a grouping of orders that may relate to the capacity of a sorter or a number of truck docks
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a tug I make from your universe into mine
The aircraft are often timed attack at the same time forming a wave of aircraft to overwhelm defenses.
an attack) also I have put who is able to do the attack
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See Waive.
Term for dispatching of delivery vehicles at staggered start times based on availability of terminal doors.
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set waves in; "she asked the hairdresser to wave her hair"
To wave at law is to relinquish or give up intentionally a known right or to do an act that is inconsistent with the claiming of a known right.
an example of a dynamical system described by a PDE
a result of your bats sleeves seperating from one another
a highly complex continuous reciprocating interexchange from one primary state or condition to an opposite state or condition
a persistent and widespread unusual weather condition (especially of unusual temperatures)
A local ripple-like irregularity in a lens surface.
A distinct occasion when data are collected in a panel survey. Also referred to as a round of data collection.
In a panel study , a wave is the interviewing period during which the entire panel is questioned and asked the same questions. Typically, a panel study consists of several waves. Waves are important because each wave typically covers a different time period and, often, different topics.
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a member of the women's reserve of the United States Navy; originally organized during World War II but now no longer a separate branch
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A condition of non-flatness. A fabricated piece of metal that is not completely flat and has a slight wave following the direction of rolling and beyond the standard limitation for flatness.
Sustained price movement in one direction marked by clear high and low reversal boundaries.
(1) To bend the edge of a card during play for identification purposes. (2) The bend itself.
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(physics) a movement up and down or back and forth
a local state of a physical size which spreads through the room
a result of the interaction between a generating force and a restoring force
a graphic representation of an electrical event
a periodic variation of some quantity as a function of location or time
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a periodic vibration in a material
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a step in the right direction