Definitions for "Repeats"
Repeat sequences and approximate repeats occur throughout the DNA of higher organisms (mammals). For example, the Alu sequences of length about 300 characters, appear hundreds of thousands of times in Human DNA with about 87% homology to a consensus Alu string. Some short substrings such as TATA-boxes, poly-A and (TG)* also appear more often than by chance. Repeat sequences may also occur within genes, as mutations or alterations to those genes. Repetitive sequences, especially mobile elements, have many applications in genetic research. DNA transposons and retroposons are routinely used for insertional mutagenesis, gene mapping, gene tagging, and gene transfer in several model systems.
The repetition of each data broadcast packet for a specific service up to 15 times.
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Repeats of 400 meters to 1600 meters at your 5-K race pace. You should run your repeats on a 400-meter track, a grassy field, a smooth path, or a traffic-free stretch of road. Between repeats, jog half the distance covered during the repeat. Repeat day distances include warmup, cooldown, and recovery mileage.
Experimental runs using the same combination of treatments, run consecutively without new setups.
a widely conserved mechanism to promote genome diversification
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See "Intervals"