Definitions for "Doors"
Hatchbacks on estates or other vehicles are counted as a door, even if not intended as a human entry point. Saloon bootlids are not counted. Doors are normally glazed in the higher portion.
Doors are movable, usually solid, barriers intended for opening and closing. There are plenty of doors in most buildings. Care should be taken to clean both sides of bathroom doors and partitions. See Partitions.
The size, position and number of doors of a house are important factors in Feng Shui. The front door is especially significant as if it is the main point of entry for chi. It should not be obstructed or too small and should not be positioned to face hostile structures such as crosses or arrows. Bathroom and toilet doors should remain closed and doors should not face each other if possible.
That part of one's environment upon which no government has been able to collect taxes. Chiefly useful to inspire poets. I climbed to the top of a mountain one day To see the sun setting in glory, And I thought, as I looked at his vanishing ray, Of a perfectly splendid story. 'Twas about an old man and the ass he bestrode Till the strength of the beast was o'ertested; Then the man would carry him miles on the road Till Neddy was pretty well rested. The moon rising solemnly over the crest Of the hills to the east of my station Displayed her broad disk to the darkening west Like a visible new creation. And I thought of a joke (and I laughed till I cried) Of an idle young woman who tarried About a church-door for a look at the bride, Although 'twas herself that was married. To poets all Nature is pregnant with grand Ideas -- with thought and emotion. I pity the dunces who don't understand The speech of earth, heaven and ocean. Stromboli Smith
Most common association is with the three doors of the Iconostasis. The north door leads to the Offertory-chapel, the south door to the Sacristy and the center doors are the Royal Doors which have a curtain behind them.
Doors is groupware for electronic musicians. It aims to be an extensible, multi-user, musical performance framework which unifies heterogeneous, distributed multimedia hardware. The framework is based on CORBA, XML, NTP and URL technologies.
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A fenland term for gates, therefore lock gates are known as sluice doors.
Parts of a train designed to get in the way of Tube Challengers and generally pose a nuisance. Doors can cause all manner of delays if they fail to close properly. Doors are usually closed just before the arrival of the Tube Challengers to the train. Works in close partnership with CCTV.
for a description of the various kinds of doors in the pits, see the remarks upon Ventilation.
Doors are an Inter-process communication facility for Unix computer systems. They provide a form of procedure call.
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Door Repairs - Doorbells - Installing a New Door
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See also: Letter Box.
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Something else that no one makes best. See: Windows.