Definitions for "MPG"
Moving Picture Experts Group file format
A video clip. MPEG1 is probably the most compatible video clip for playback in powerpoint.
MPEG encoded file. This file is an MPEG movie, and can be played with QuickTime Player.
Minerals Planning Guidance. Minerals Planning Guidance. These are the documents with which the Government lays out its national planning policy for minerals in England. Some are being replaced by Minerals Policy Statements.
See Minerals Policy Guidance.
Minerals Planning Guidance. National policy guidance for minerals planning.
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Mile Per Gallon
Miles Par Gallon
Miles Per Gallon
Max Planck Gesellschaft
Music Producers Guild, an independent and professional organisation that promotes and represents all individuals in the music production and recording professions in the UK. MPG membership includes producers, engineers, mixers, re-mixers, programmers, students and trainees, those involved in multimedia and any other individuals involved in the creative process. (See
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Master Program Guide. What you see when you press the "guide" button on the remote. See also Program Guide.
See Master Program Guide.
MPG is an international standard for encoding and compressing video footage.
Dictionary of Color 2nd ed. source G: House & Garden magazine
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Neutral current
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Major Projects Group