Definitions for "PPS"
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Abbreviation for: present position symbol Fr: PPS
Path Protection Switch. The PPS is used to provide backup switching (redundancy) for the GR303 control links (EOC and TMC).
Personnel Payroll System: payroll system used by UC campuses, designed and updated by the Office of the President. PPS holds payroll, benefits data, and leave accrual.
Prospective Payment System. A method of financing health care that mandates payments in advance for the provision of services and is based on diagnostic related groups.
Purchasing and Payments section in the Finance Department (created as a result of an AIMS recommendation).
Prescribed Payments Scheme of payment of tax.• Taxation• Workcover
Polyphenylene sulphide (a thermoplastic)
Polyphenylene Sulfide (Thermoplastic Resin).
See Polyphenylene Sulfide.
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Planning Policy Statements. Planning Policy Statements set out the UK Government's national policies on different aspects of planning. They are gradually replacing the Planning Policy Guidance notes.
See Planning Policy Statement.
Planning Policy Statement. Sets out the Government's national land use planning policies that will replace PPGs.
Three letter extension for a powerpoint show. Designed to run automatically when opened.
Microsoft PowerPoint slide show.
PowerPoint Slideshow
post postscriptum : a later postscript
additional postscript ( post postscriptum)
Post-Polio Syndrome
Politieke Partij Scheveningen
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Arctic Council Permanent Participants: AAC, AIA, GCI, ICC, RAIPON, Saami Council
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"Pay Per Signup" - One of the payment programs offered by many sponsors. You get paid a set rate, like $30, for every signup you send, regardless of how long the surfer remains a member. The payout is usually $5-$10 less if you send your surfers to console free tours, since without the consoles the sponsor has fewer opportunities to recoup the flat rate they pay you for every signup.
Packets per second.
see pulse-per-second ...
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Palmer's Pursuit Shop.
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Petrol Points
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Probation and Parole Specialist
Polygroove Plain Section, a rifling term.
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Pittsburgh Public Schools
Pipeline Processing Subsystem
A hard polymer, relatively new to the analytical lab equipment market, used to make fittings. Please see our Polymer Information page for more information regarding this material.
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See CPA pricing model
Priority Parcel Service. AA Cargo's small package flight specific product. Back to the top
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Power Play Shots
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Performed Procedure Step
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Program code