Definitions for "Palmer"
Palmer Tools, 10506 Crestridge Dr., Minnetonka MN 55305-1610, 952-546-6025, [email protected] "since 1974" Jacks, parchoffi, tweezers, diamond shears, steam stick, wood tools, pipe, punty, paddles, footing tool. MF: jacks are blunt ends; short tip tweezers also through Spruce Pine Batch
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A wandering religious votary; especially, one who bore a branch of palm as a token that he had visited the Holy Land and its sacred places.
Palmer College was the first college of chiropractic in the world. The Palmer Method places a strong emphasis on correcting the spinal subluxation and establishing a normal neurological balance to all tissues of the body. All additional therapies such as physical therapy, nutrition, etc., would be considered secondary after the correction of spinal subluxation.
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A kind of method where the grab is near the nose, the board is pulled across the front of the body, and the nose is pointed downward. Named after Shaun Palmer.
Back of the front limb from the knee down.
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a method for wrapping a hackle feather over a section of the fly's body. When it is retrieved through the water it 'pushes' the water and this causes attractive movement shock waves that help fish locate the fly.
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United States golfer (born in 1929)
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One who palms or cheats, as at cards or dice.