Definitions for "Pay For Performance"
Another term for PPC advertising. Former term for Overture Precision Match. The advertiser pays only if the ad is clicked, hence "perfomance".
A synonym for pay-per-click, stressing to advertisers that they are only paying for ads that "perform" in terms of delivering traffic, as opposed to CPM-based ads, where ads cost money, even if they don't generate a click.
Adjustments to base compensation, i.e., merit raises, as well as incentives and bonuses that are tied to individual or company performance.
A manufacturer's requirement that a retailer must prove performance for a promotion before reimbursement.
Pay for performance is an emerging movement in health insurance (initially in Britain and United States). Providers under this arrangement are rewarded for quality of healthcare services. This is a fundamental change from fee for service payment.
A means of tying employee pay levels to the quality of work delivered.