Definitions for "PFP"
Partnership For Peace (NATO)
Policy Framework Paper. Now replaced by the PRSP. PFPs outlined the state of the economy and the programme of action to be carried out by a government, in particular, those related to its programme with the IMF.
Partnership for Prevention
PFP or Pyrophosphate:Fructose 6-phosphate Phosphotransferase is an enzyme of carbohydrate metabolism in plants and some bacteria. The enzyme catalyses the reversible interconversion of fructose 6-phosphate and fructose 1,6-bisphosphate using inorganic pyrophosphate as the phosphoryl donor.
ay or lacement. Pay for a higher spot in a search engine or directory.
(also known as Pay-for-Performance) A type of Search Engine Marketing in which advertisers pay only for clicks they receive on listings.
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Partij Frans Postma
partial factor productivity
Partial Foot Prosthesis. A prosthesis utilized for acquired amputations or congenital absences of the foot and/or toes below the ankle.
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Polic& a Federal Preventiva
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Plutonium Finishing Plant
Production and financial programs
President's Financial Plan
Personal Financial Planner
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Plastic Film Pane An LCD using plastic film on a cell base board
initials stand for Paper Foundation Piecing.
A system in which payment for services is only made when a conversion takes place.
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Personal Futures Plan
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People First Party