Definitions for "Clickthrough Rate"
is the percentage of readers who see the link and then click on it to visit another location.
(CTR) CTR measures the rate at which links in an e-mail message are clicked on by recipients. CTRs are typically expressed in terms of the number of clicks as a percentage of the total number of messages delivered.
The Clickthrough Rate is generally given as a percentage and refers to the proportion of people who click on a link out of all of those who have seen it. If, for example, an email is opened by 100 people and 20 choose to click on the link it contains through to a promotional website, then that link would have a 20% clickthrough rate (ie. 20 out of 100). The clickthrough rate is of importance in emarketing ( Cost Per Click and especially email marketing) as it shows the interest generated by the offer in an email or advert. (Also abbreviated to CTR)