Definitions for "Conversion Rate"
The rate used to convert one currency to another. See Exchange Rate and Rate of Exchange.
the number of site visits (click-throughs) that result in a sale or other call to action.
The Conversion Rate is generally given as a percentage and refers to the proportion of people who take a certain pre-determined action having arrived at a website. This action may be to purchase something or request additional information, for example, according to the goals of the campaign. If, for example, 20 people arrive at a certain web page and 5 request further information (and are therefore considered to be a 'conversion'), then the Conversion Rate is 25%. The Conversion Rate is of importance in emarketing as it effectively shows the success of the offer and campaign. (Compare Clickthrough Rate)
The value of one currency exchanged for another currency.
The fixed rate of exchange, to be irrevocably set on 1 January 1999, between the euro and the different national currencies participating in Monetary Union. The conversion rate will include six significant figures, discounting initial zeros, and will be defined at all times in terms of one euro expressed in national currencies, and in one direction only. Example: 1 euro = 40.4875 Luxembourg francs (rate used for illustrative purposes only).
In the GetRelevant network, it is the percent of people who complete a transaction, or accept a promotion vs. the total who view the promotion.
a special rate where the quantities are equal, but the units of measurement are different
the inverse of conversion time, with a conversion rate of 250k samples per second corresponding to a conversion time of 4 microseconds, for example
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The fee charged for the accounting and record-keeping necessary when a Plan Sponsor changes providers.