Definitions for "PERCENT"
Dimmer levels are expressed as a percentage of the supply voltage. (100% = 240 Volts(UK)).
Percents are representations that have been adjusted to have a denominator of 100. They indicate the number of times a specific outcome occurs given one hundred attempts. An outcome that occurs with 44% frequency means that it will occur fourty four times out of one hundred.
The measure of slope or inclination of track. See Grade.
a number out of 100 (%) Example: "50%, 75%"
a decimal number with the decimal point moved two decimal places to the left
Percent means part of 100. Examples: 23% = 23 100 100 = 25 Percent to decimal: 45% = . 45 .. 037 Decimal to percent:. 79 = 79% . 1 = 310
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A given part of a whole, meaning that 100% of something is all of it. 50% of something is half of that whole.
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The amount out of 100. 4/5 is equal to 80/100, and is thus 80%.