Definitions for "Multiplication"
Commonly synonymous with transmutation. Alchemical:The specific transmuting power of the 'Philosopher's Stone', or an increase in the Stone itself. Often represented assaffron spreading its own color.
In alchemy, Multiplication refers to the Magnum Opus, the creation of a Philosopher's stone. This is achieved by a complex process by which a fermented or putrefied substance combines with and transforms another substance.
The process of repeating, or adding to itself, any given number or quantity a certain number of times; commonly, the process of ascertaining by a briefer computation the result of such repeated additions; also, the rule by which the operation is performed; -- the reverse of division.
The operation by which the product of two quantities is calculated. To multiply a number by is to add to itself times.
The process of repeating additions of the same number.
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The act or process of multiplying, or of increasing in number; the state of being multiplied; as, the multiplication of the human species by natural generation.
An increase above the normal number of parts, especially of petals; augmentation.
The art of increasing gold or silver by magic, -- attributed formerly to the alchemists.
the act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production
In the expression, a x b = c, a is the multiplier, b is the multiplicand, and c is the product.
An image-development strategy using repetition to create an image or series of images.
The growing of seed for sale or wide distribution as a planting material in a given community or for specific research.