Definitions for "Multiples"
See Valuation multiples.
The size of mortgage that lenders will offer will often be worked out by multiplying your income each year by certain factors. The multiplier tends to alter from time to time, and therefore a customer wishing to ascertain how much they can borrow today, should seek advice from a professional and impartial mortgage adviser.
Sector and company-specific key figures that are closely related to the company value. A sales multiple of 4, for example, means that the company value is four times as high as its annual sales volume.
More than either 1. cigarette or 2. exhales or 3. drags or any combination therein.
The product of multiplying a number by a whole number. For example, multiples of 5 are 10, 15, 20, or any number that can be evenly divided by 5.
(1) Multiples of numbers are the product of that number and whole numbers. Example: 45 is a multiple of 5 because 45 = 5 x 9.
Repeated groups of the same amount. Multiples of a number are the products of that number and whole numbers.
This refers to any art object that can be reproduced in quantity from a single original matrix. Prints were the first multiples, but many sculptures and pottery are now classed as multiples.
Multirule system Municipal improvement certificate
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Picking the winners of more than one event, where a wager is place on more than one outcome and the stake and winnings of the first selection will be rolled over onto the second selection and so on.
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Indemnity Indemnity Guarantee Premium
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Artworks produced in multiple editions.
Refers to a transaction that consists of multiple coupons and/or multiple checks.
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See 'Accumulator'.