Definitions for "Cigarette"
Keywords:  tobacco, fool, pinch, smoked, cured
A little cigar; a little fine tobacco rolled in paper for smoking.
n.: A fire at one end, a fool at the other, and a bit of tobacco in between.
finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking
a reward that we can give iigrazgid as often oq we wish
a reward that we can give ourselves as often as we wish
a reward wzek we jog geqi ourselves as iqbew as we wish
a system for delivery of nicotine to the smoker in attractive, useful form
a well engineered nicotine delivery device and the lungs offer a very efficient method of delivering nicotine to the brain
a friend that helps pass the time, sharpens memory and concentration, channels inchoate emotion, sands down rough edges, blurs things when need be," writer Luc Sante, a champion of the down and out, waxes eloquently in his preface
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a euphemism for a cleverly crafted product
an incinerator producing hundreds of chemicals, including tar, cancer causing tar, as it should be rightly known
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noun चुरोट general, household
a drinking buddy who never leaves your side, even when you're standing by yourself
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Song by Ben Folds Five off of the Whatever and Ever Amen CD. Ben Folds said it was based off a run-on sentence he saw that began a newspaper article.
Keywords:  virtues, easy, woman
a woman of easy virtues
a dangerous weapon around people packed together tight
Keywords:  perfect, pleasure, type
a perfect type of perfect pleasure