Definitions for "Newspaper"
A sheet of paper printed and distributed, at stated intervals, for conveying intelligence of passing events, advocating opinions, etc.; a public print that circulates news, advertisements, proceedings of legislative bodies, public announcements, etc.
A serial issued at stated, frequent intervals (usually daily, weekly, or semiweekly), containing general news, opinions, advertisements, and other items of current, often local, interest.
Periodical published daily or weekly and containing news, features, reports, together with advertisements.
an adviser that does not require to be sought, but that comes of its own accord and talks to you briefly every day of the common weal, without distracting you from your private affairs
an adviser who does not require to be sought, but who comes of his own accord, and talks to you briefly every day of the common wealth, without distracting you from your private affairs
a collection of half-injustices" "All my hidden skills are undiscovered
a collection of half- injustice s Which, bawled by boys from mile to mile, Spreads its curious opinion To a million merciful and sneering men, While families cuddle the joys of the fireside When spurred by tale of dire lone agony
a locale for conveying information and opinions
a great way to learn things because everyday there are stories about the past day's events
a lot of things besides a place to find the baseball supply news
a medium that tells the news of the day and other things
a lightweight and di
a lightweight and disposable
a lightweight an' disposable publicashun (mo'e specifically, a purriodical ), usually preented on low-cost paper called newspreent
a publication written by journalists and usually printed every day or every week that reports the news and current events.
a business out to make money through advertising revenue
a distribution medium with limited space, and ranking/packaging stories by journalists' estimation of importance evolved there as the best of several imperfect methods
a brilliant place to allow feedback and collaboration imho - just being brave enough to make it work without pre-moderation (like the laughable BBC comments) is going to take some doing
an electoral lapdog of the incumbent President if, ceteris paribus, during the presidential campaign it devotes more space to the issues over which the incumbent is strong, and/or less to issues over which the incumbent is weak
a publication devoted chiefly to presenting and commenting on the news
a good place to look for figuring out a style for the descriptions
a mirror for a community, reflecting both its good and bad points
If you buy a newspaper in a dream it signifies that you will get a surprise, wither good or bad. Using newspapers to keep warm denotes good health.
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Newspapers Newspeak
a collection of factual events
a printed periodical whose purpose is to deliver news and other information in an up-to-date, factual manner
a court Where every one is kindly and unfairly tried By a squalor of honest men
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an state lottery editor
a broad spectrum of the society on the move
a public trust and a unique enterprise in a democratic society
a reflection of the overall aspirations, concerns and desires of the society
a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier
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a market Where wisdom sells its freedom And melons are crowned by the crowd
a business, and should no be regulated in anyway, unless it commits violence or property violations, due to the fact that the owners own the business
a business proposition
a commercial business
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a trumpet expressing the views of the boss
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an example of an information pusher
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a symbol of new insight
a symphony of information -- from the earnest and serious to the useful and entertaining
a written record of history and I love being a part of it- all with the classified ads," says Jennifer
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an extremely lively, hectic place
a device unable to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of a civilization
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Bend Bulletin
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a game Where his error scores the player victory While another's skill wins death
a voice which reaches millions of people, and indeed is also the voice of millions of people
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a newspaper as a physical object; "when it began to rain he covered his head with a newspaper"
a forum that displays articles from e-mail news services, Internet newsgroup articles, and tracked web pages
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a perfect parallel of this
an industrial product
a waste by-product of journalism - in environmental and human terms
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See Serial
a privately-owned entity, one which ultimately reflects its ownership
an institution that has a social contract to fulfill
an excellent example of design consistency
Keywords:  mobiliser, organiser
an organiser and a mobiliser
a great example of visual organization
Keywords:  periodical, kind, type
a kind of periodical
a type of periodical
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a window through which men look out on all that is going on in the world
Keywords:  country, way, life
a way of life in any country
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a device for making the i