Definitions for "prospectus"
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A legal document offering securities or mutual fund shares for sale, required...
A brochure that describes a mutual fund's investment objectives, strategies, and position limits.
A legal document lodged and/or registered with the Australian Securities Commission setting forth the complete history and current status of a security issue or fund, and which must be made available to all interested investors in advance of their investment, when an offer is made to the public.
A summary, plan, or scheme of something proposed, affording a prospect of its nature; especially, an exposition of the scheme of an unpublished literary work.
Refers to the announcement of a forthcoming book, usually by the publisher.
A printed announcement of impending publication.
Before a student begins a thesis, the student's advisory committee and the dean must approve a prospectus which outlines objective and procedures of the research project in which the student plans to engage.
a roadmap or guide to the future thesis
This must be published annually by the school. There are legal requirements for the minimum contents.
A University guide or brochure with information on courses, university facilities and student services.
Brochure published by a university or college to advertising their institution and courses and to encourage student recruitment.
a concise summary of your work and a clear statement of its potential value to readers
an integral part of the registration statement
a financial statement of the corporation, covering such things as assets, liabilities, and sales.
Science schedule: A list of all the courses that will count towards a science degree
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a fair type of many
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See Prospectus in the Stock/Bond Guide.
The prospectus contains important information that you should know before purchasing, or taking any other action with a variable contract.
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a written plan that defines what you are going to do and why and how you are going to do it